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Five Great Gifts To Give The Coin Collector In Your Life When You Know Nothing About Coins Yourself

Do you have a coin collector in your life in spite of knowing nothing about coins yourself? Buying a gift for such a person can be challenging. You don't know what coins they already have or what a fair price to pay for certain coins is! Thankfully, there are several great gifts you can give to your favorite coin collector that they're sure to appreciate.

Books About A Different Type of Coins

Maybe your loved one collects American quarters. Perhaps they collect European currencies from the 1900s. If you have even a vague idea of what type of coins they are most interested in, then you can easily visit a book store and shop for books about a different type of coins. The information in these books will allow your favorite coin collector to expand his or her knowledge. You might inspire them to broaden their collection. Depending on your budget, you can buy just one book or several. If you're having trouble finding coin books in a bookstore, try looking in a coin or hobby shop instead.

Cleaning Cloths

Collectors are very, very careful when handling and cleaning their coins. They won't use just any old rag to clean and polish them. Coin collectors may not clean their most valuable coins at all, as this may decrease their value. However, they might like to keep the more middle-of-the-road coins and those that have more sentimental value than monetary value clean and polished. Some soft coin-cleaning cloths made especially for this purpose will make a nice gift. These cloths won't scratch the coins or remove metal from their surfaces.

Coin Handling Gloves

The oils on one's fingers can cause coins to tarnish. So, most collectors wear cotton gloves when they handle coins. Even if your favorite coin collector already has a pair of white cotton gloves for coin handling, he or she will likely appreciate a new pair, as the gloves can become dirty, worn and useless over time. Make sure you buy specialized coin-handling gloves rather than just basic cotton gloves you find in a department store. Those made specifically for coin handling will have the right texture to prevent scratching of the coin's surface.

Plastic Coin Envelopes

These are little plastic sleeves that collectors like to slip coins into in order to protect them. They usually come in multi-packs, which may contain many sleeves of the same size or sleeves in a variety of sizes. A package that contains a variety of sizes is a good choice if you're not sure what type of coins your friend collects. This way, you know that he or she will be able to use at least some of the sleeves in the package.

A Display Case

If you have a bit more to spend, consider buying a nice, wall-mounted display case for your coin-collecting friend. These cases typically feature padded shelves behind a door made from clear glass. They mount to the wall with heavy-duty screws. Make sure you buy a case with a door that locks for a little security. Some companies will give you the option of having the case engraved. You can engrave it with your friend's name or with a saying that you think has meaning to them. If you know what color wood your friend has primarily used to decorate their home, make sure you pick out a case in that same shade so that the case matches the home decor.

Any of the gifts above -- or a combination of a few of them -- will appeal to most any coin collector. And the best part is you can buy them without knowing much at all about the coins your friend already has or does not have.

For more information and ideas, contact a coin dealer or coin collector shop in your area.