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2 Not-So-Common Gift Ideas For The Budding Guitarist

If you need to consider a gift for that newbie guitar player in your life, consider something useful that won't be commonly thought of. Gadgets that are helpful for maximizing playing enjoyment are constantly being introduced on the market. While the basics, such as strings, picks, straps and cases, are all too common for gift-giving, you might want to consider other extras that your recipient may not have thought to buy yet. Here are two such gadgets that your budding guitar player should appreciate:

1. A Guitar Capo

Whether your recipient plays guitar as a hobby or plans to hone his or her craft professionally, a capo is a gadget that makes a thoughtful and unique gift. For those with no knowledge of what this actually is, a capo is a small gadget that attaches to the fingerboard of a guitar. By clamping down over the fret, it can shorten the affected strings, thereby creating a new sound or effect.

A capo alters the pitch of a song without having to change one's fingering. It's a good idea for beginners, as it allows them to play in a different key than those they are unfamiliar with. Also, some players believe that placing the capo high on the neck of the guitar will produce a sound that mimics the mandolin.

Capos are often constructed of aluminum, although there are inexpensive ones made of plastic or rubber. They have padding over the casing, not only for the player's comfort but to help protect the neck of the guitar from being damaged. Because it creates tension on the neck of the guitar, it's best to remove the capo when not in use, so you might also give the recipient a small pouch for storage.

2. A Wireless Guitar Jack

Those who don't know "jack" need to consider this new concept. For many, the idea of connecting guitar cables to a sound system or amplifier is unappealing. This new high-tech approach is sure to be appreciated by that budding guitarist in your life. A wireless guitar jack replaces those messy cables that can become tangled or stepped on.

The wireless guitar jack is a device that streams over any wireless (WIFI) connection. It plugs into an amp or directly into the guitar. This will enable the player to stream audio by connecting wirelessly to a computer or smartphone. The device is compact and fits effortlessly into any accessory bag, and it utilizes a rechargeable battery.