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Choosing Fine Leather Over Other Materials For A Dog Collar And Why It's An Excellent Choice

Dog collars come in all colors, all sizes, all decorative touches, and all materials. It is the main material with which you should be most concerned. You want the collar for your dog to last, and that is why the material has to be fine leather. Here is why a fine leather dog collar is an excellent choice for your pet.

Fine Leather Is Tough and Durable

​Fine leather lasts a long time. It is very hard to catch the collar on something and have the collar snap in pieces, as is common with faux leather products. Fine leather also lasts longer than the acrylic fiber-woven collars because your dog can rub up against the bark of a tree for weeks before a leather collar will start to shred. That is not the case with the woven fiber collars, which will shred and begin to unravel the first time your dog starts scratching his/her head with his/her back claws. 

​Fine Leather Has a Little "Give" 

​Other collars begin to dig into a dog's skin and become irritating after a while because they do not have that extra little "give." The leather stretches and moves enough with your dog that it will not become irritating or too tight for your dog. (If it does become too tight, either buy the next size up or put the pooch on a diet.) When your dog strains against the collar during walks or while outside on a line, the leather will not choke the dog. With chain collars and acrylic woven collars, your dog is always in danger of hurting him/herself when straining against these materials.

​A Tan Fine Leather Dog Collar Is Customizable

​If you pick a wide enough tan collar, the leather can be customized with added decorative touches. Want spikes? Got that. Want leather tooling to place your dog's name on his/her collar, or leather stamp it with other shapes? Most companies that sell leather dog collars can do that, too. If you just want a plain collar, the tan one looks best against any coat color. A lot of faux leather dog collars have extra details, but you can never stamp or print those collars, and you can never choose exactly which adornments you want.

Where to Order or Buy a Fine Leather Dog Collar

If you can swing the cost, Italian leather goods stores are a good place to start. Otherwise, well-known leather goods stores that sell leather pants, jackets, coats, etc., for people also sell matching dog collars in fine leather. Unless you know the seller to be a prominent seller of fine leather goods, do not buy your dog collars anywhere else.

Reach out to a company that sells fine leather dog collars to learn more.