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3 Types Of Sobriety Mugs To Give Someone You Know

If you've seen the chaos that someone close to you has endured as a result of his or her alcoholism, you definitely want to support this person as he or she makes an effort to get sober. This will be an uphill battle, but with you offering support in a number of ways, the person has a good chance of establishing a healthy lifestyle. Many people choose to drink coffee after giving up alcohol, given that this beverage is something to look forward to and something that can help you feel better, but without the problems associated with alcohol. You may want to consider buying this person sobriety gift mug products from which he or she can drink coffee daily. Here are some different types of mugs to buy as gifts.

1. Inspirational Quote

You won't have any trouble finding a coffee mug that has an inspirational quote on it. In many cases, you'll be able to find a quote that directly relates to the person's newfound sobriety. For example, a mug with a quote that reads, "One Day at a Time" is a good choice, given that many alcoholics learn this saying when they're going through recovery. Additionally, this type of quote is universally recognized, so it doesn't necessarily relate to sobriety — which may be ideal if the person wants to take the mug to work.

2. Reasons To Stay Sober

Don't shy away from getting a custom coffee mug made up that will help the person remember his or her reasons to stay sober. For many people, the chief reason to maintain sobriety is the family, so a mug with a photo of the family on it can be effective. Or, a simple design that includes the name of each immediate family member can also help the person to remember why he or she is battling to stay sober.

3. Fill-In-The-Blank

Another option to consider is a white coffee mug with black lettering and a blank area in which the person can write the number of days that he or she has sober with a dry erase marker. For example, this design could read, "Sober for ____ Days." Each day that the person reaches for the mug, he or she can also grab a marker and write the appropriate number. This design serves as a daily reminder to keep fighting hard to stay away from alcohol and maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle.