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Are You Ready To Buy Your First Mattress As A Newlywed? 3 Benefits Of Using A Mattress Buying Guide

Getting married often means that it is time to get a new bed that is perfectly set up for both of you to enjoy a good night's sleep. While you might have had to put up with a poor mattress in the past, this is now your chance to get one that will be comfortable for years to come. Since the average mattress lasts between five to ten years, you need to carefully think about this purchase. Using a mattress shopping guide provides these benefits that will improve your decision-making process.

Learn About the Different Types of Mattresses 

The first thing that you will notice when you begin looking for a mattress is that there are several main types. Innerspring mattresses were once the main option, but you can now choose from ones that are made from special types of foam. Foam mattresses can be further broken down into categories based upon the materials that are used to make them such as gel, memory foam, or latex. Hybrid mattresses combine springs with foam to give you a different type of sleeping experience. Your mattress buying guide will break down the various benefits of each one so that you can begin to narrow down your options.

Explore How Firmness Works

Your shopping guide might also explain how your sleep position affects the type of mattress that you need. For instance, stomach sleepers tend to rest better on a semi-firm to firm mattress that supports their torso area. Side sleepers often need a medium plush mattress that supports their body from the sides. You and your spouse can use the guide to begin a dialogue about which level of firmness will fit both of your sleeping styles. Keep in mind that the level of firmness can also be affected by things such as whether or not you use a mattress cover or box springs. Use the guide to determine which type of platform the mattress requires or if it comes with a pillow top.

Check Out the Different Dimensions

Married couples who sleep in the same bed may prefer a larger mattress. While a king-sized mattress might seem ideal, you also want to make sure that it will fit your heights and the size of your bedroom. The guide should have the measurements for each mattress size so that you can accurately assess how well they fit. Using a tape measure might help you figure out that you need a queen-sized mattress, or you may realize that you need a king size if one of you is very tall.