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Purchasing an Olive Wood Spoon Set for the Hobby Chef

Olive trees grow slowly and their wood possesses a dense grain that is durable, stain-resistant, and waterproof. Because of the benefits of olive wood, this material is commonly used to create handmade cooking utensils. If your spouse is a hobby chef and you want to aid them in their quest to become the best chili cook-off contender during an upcoming competition, purchase them a set of 11-inch olive wood spoons. Here's a look at the process of making this purchase to support the hobby chef in your life. 

A Personalize Set

A monogrammed or an etched set of spoons may become your spouse's go-to accessories that will help them create each culinary masterpiece. Shop for wood spoons through a retailer that provides an etching or an engraving service. Select an olive wood cooking set that contains a stirrer, a grated ladle, a spork, and a spatula. Utensils that are 11 inches in length will provide plenty of handle control, while the tip of each utensil is submerged in a pot of water or deep within a meat or vegetable mixture.

Look for a set that comes with a carrying caddy or a custom holder. This accessory will streamline their preparations, especially when he will be cooking food at an outside location. They will be able to collect all of the pots, pans, and liquid and dry ingredients that they need before scooping up the caddy or holder and placing the concealed utensils inside of one of the pieces of cookware. A holder will also aid in keeping the utensils clean and dry while they are being transported.

Practicing with the Set

If the chili cook-off will involve preparing a pot of chili within a specific timeframe and filling several bowls for the judges to taste, your spouse can use their new olive wood spoons to aid them in some practice sessions. Replacing metal and plastic utensils with ones that are constructed of olive wood may make a difference in how quickly ingredients can be blended or scooped up and dished out into bowls.

Recommend that your spouse use a timer during each practice session. At the end of each attempt, taste test the batch of chili that they have made and let them know what you think. Once they have practiced as much as they can, your spouse will be ready to take their cooking gear and knowledge to the public cook-off.