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Choosing A Graduation Sash Takes More Thought Than You Think

At first, you might think buying a graduation sash is as simple as pressing the order button. But as soon as you start browsing your options, you will realize how misguided this initial impression was. There sure are a lot of different graduation sash options. Luckily, there is a better way to narrow down your options and pick the right one than simply scrolling endlessly and clicking around. Instead, focus on these features and qualities to pick the graduation sash that's best for your needs.

Can you have the sash embroidered or screen printed?

If you do not need or want your sash to have any words on it, then this does not matter. However, if you plan on having your school name or other words added to the sash, you need to make sure this is an option before you buy. Some companies that sell sashes will do embroidery or screen printing for you, and others won't. Even if you plan on having someone else add the words for you, it's important to be sure the sash is made from a material they can work with. This should be included somewhere in the description.

How wide of a sash do you need?

There's no other way to say this: the thinner you are, the thinner you want your sash to be. If you're a little wider, a sash that is too thin won't call enough attention to itself. If you're on the thinner side, a sash that's too wide will call too much attention to itself. Choose a sash width based on your own side.

Does the sash have the sheen you want?

Some people prefer materials with a really matte look. Others prefer materials with some sheen, and others prefer materials that are downright shiny. This is entirely a matter of preference. If you like shiny material, look for a shiny sash. If you like matte materials, buy a matte sash. If you want something in-between, buy a satin-like sash. Just don't forget to consider this quality.

How does the sash fasten?

Some sashes are one piece and you basically step into them. This is simple, but it can be a bit awkward. Other sashes attach with velcro, which is nice — unless you have long hair that may get caught in the velcro. Other sashes snap closed. This is the most versatile option, but it does cost a little more. Choose the fastening option that is the best fit for your budget and preferences.

Graduation sashes really add some pizzazz to your outfit for this special day. Make sure you choose a graduation sash that suits you.