Buying Used Toys for Children

3 Unique Ways To Gift Children's Books With Plushies

Children's books are often paired with a plushie that represents one of the characters found inside the pages of the book. When you purchase gifts like a giraffe plushie and children's picture book set, take the experience one step further with unique gift options.

The following three gift ideas go beyond typical wrapping paper and will provide a child with a memorable way to enjoy their new stuffed animal and piece of literary material.

1. Hidden Book Map

Turn a plushie gift into a fun scavenger hunt. Set up a map with clues that a child can follow either indoors or outdoors. Tuck the map inside the book and give the book to a child. Once the child finds the map, they can follow the clues to eventually reach the stuffed animal at the end. The prize will represent the fun journey the child had and create a memorable game.

If your child is not reading yet, then come up with basic picture clues. For example, you could draw a chair to represent the next clue hidden underneath a kitchen chair. Work backward from the final hiding spot to stay organized and easily piece together the clues.

2. A Welcome Tea Party

If your child has other plushies and stuffed animals, then consider hosting a welcome tea party for the new guest. You can choose to keep the guest a mystery or introduce the character right away by gifting the child the book set. As part of the tea party, the child can introduce all of the other stuffed animals and give the new plushie a name.

Another part of the tea party could include a read-along session with the new book. Serve up some fun snacks and make a whole mini-event out of the special gift. The event could turn into a fun tradition for any new stuffed animals your child receives.

3. Plushie Puppet Show

Plushies make great options for puppet shows as they are easy to hold and move around. Use a large box or sit behind a piece of furniture to hide your body and create the puppet show stage. You could add a stuffed animal as a middle of the show surprise when you bring on a new character.

You could also create a puppet show based on the book you purchased and simply act out scenes as you read the book aloud. Encourage your child to get involved and come up with a lot of ideas on their own.

Choose ideas that will fit with your child's personality and can provide them with a fun gift experience.