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Some Information On The Process Of Ear Candling

Ear candling, also commonly referred to as ear coning, is the process of using a special candle in order to draw ear wax out of the ear. If you are interested in learning more about ear candling, then you will find this article to be of use. It will explain the process to you and give you other information that can help you decide if you want to give it a try. 

How ear candling removes ear wax

A special candle is used for this process. The candle is made from materials like a piece of cotton with a cone shape and the paraffin or bee's wax it gets soaked in. These candles are a bit on the long side. They are usually around 10 inches in length. They are hollow in the center, which creates the space for the ear wax to travel into. 

When doing ear candling, a candle with a slight cone shape to it will go in the ear so the candle is right at the opening of the ear canal. The end of the candle will be lit, and the heat will attract the ear wax, causing it to be drawn up the inside of the candle. 

Why many people choose ear candling

Each person may have their own reason for going through with ear candling. However, most of them find their ear wax causes them some type of problems or irritations. Some people choose to do ear candling when they have a sinus infection, when they have a cold, when they have swimmer's ear, when they are having a hard time hearing due to wax buildup, or if they tend to get a visible amount of ear wax often. 

Some people naturally have more ear wax than others, and keeping their ears cleaned can be a chore. Ear candling gives them a way to remove a good amount of ear wax from their ears, which can make a noticeable difference. 

What to expect the first time

If you decide to have ear candling done, then you will want to know what you can expect. The first thing you will be asked to do is to lie on your side and your hair will be moved out of the way. A small foil or paper plate will be used to protect you from any hot wax. 

The end of the cone will go through the center of the plate, then the pointed end is put in your ear and the candle is lit. The candle will be held in place for about ten minutes. The candle will then be carefully put out. Once removed from your ear, it can be pulled open if you are interested in looking at the ear wax that was removed. Many people are surprised by the amount of ear wax that's been drawn out.

For more information, contact an ear candle kit provider near you, such as Hollow Care Therapeutics.