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Cashmere Or Cotton? Which Material To Choose

An upgrade to your wardrobe is a great way to usher in a new year, new job, or simply a new you. Here's your chance to create a style for yourself and get clothes that last. It's also a chance for you to look at materials that you might not have been able to afford the last time you had a wardrobe makeover. If you've gotten a raise, for example, you might be able to afford to look at cashmere clothing, which is wonderful for keeping warm without having to wear too many layers. But cotton is also in the running now as many brands of clothing use high-end cotton that ends up feeling just as good as cashmere.

Temperature Differences

Knowing how the two materials help in different seasons and temperatures is key to deciding which to buy. Cashmere is terrific for cold-weather wear. It's soft, warm, and even helps you stay comfortable on summer nights when the temperature can dip. Cotton is fantastic for keeping you cool as it allows for natural ventilation, helps sweat evaporate, and lets you feel less like you're encased in plastic on humid days. (Cashmere won't make you feel encased, either – it's the synthetic materials that tend to be less well-ventilated – but cashmere does hold in warmth, which is why it's so coveted as a sweater material.) Buy cashmere for winter with a few light sweaters and shawls for summer nights, and buy cotton for warmer weather along with some toasty cotton socks for winter nights that are easy to wash.

How Much Care You're Willing to Do

Speaking of the wash, you'll have to care for these clothes, and how much care you're willing to do also influences what you should buy. Cashmere needs to be either dry-cleaned or hand-washed and often laid flat to dry, which is something not a lot of people want to deal with. Cotton can be machine-washed and tumble-dried, although you need to be careful of the temperature you use, and also with dyes that might bleed out.

The Cost!

After accounting for all other factors, cashmere is generally more expensive than cotton. Therefore, cotton clothes will be cheaper, in general, compared to cashmere. If you're still on a budget, you may want to look at buying mostly cotton with some cashmere outerwear, for example, or you could look at cotton-cashmere blends.

No matter which material you choose, look for brands known for quality and that have options in both materials, such as Kinross clothing. Your new wardrobe should be stunning and something you take pride in, and a good selection of material can help. 

Speak with a local supplier of Kinross clothing for more information.