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Why You Should Add A Pot Filler Faucet To Your Kitchen

When you think about kitchen faucets, you probably picture the faucet that is adjacent to your main sink, and you may also think of a smaller faucet next to a smaller sink on your kitchen island. What you might not realize, however, is that there's another faucet that you can add to this part of your home. Many people have pot filler faucets in their kitchens. This is a special faucet that is installed on the wall behind the stove. As its name indicates, this faucet is specifically designed for filling pots with water as they sit on your stove. Here are some reasons to add a pot filler faucet to your kitchen.

Less Physical Strain

If you frequently boil large quantities of food — pasta, potatoes, and vegetables, for example — you are likely aware of the physical strain of filling a large pot with water and then carrying it from your sink to your stove. The larger the pot, the heavier this device will be when it's carrying water. A lot of people find that it's difficult to lift this pot out of the sink when it's full, and you may feel that you're reaching this stage. A pot filler faucet will allow you to fill pots as they sit on your stove, eliminating the task of lifting them out of your sink and carrying them to the stove.

Frees Up Sink Space

You've likely faced times that it's been inconvenient to fill a pot in the sink. Perhaps you have dirty dishes sitting in the sink when you need to boil water. In this scenario, you'd need to take a few minutes to wash the dishes before you can place the pot in the sink. Similarly, if you have the pot sitting in the sink with the water filling it, and you need to use the water for something else, you'll need to wait until you move the pot. Having a pot filler faucet frees up your sink space when you're filling your pots with water.

Commercial Look

Commercial kitchens commonly have pot filler faucets for the above reasons. If you're an avid cook and you like the idea of giving your kitchen somewhat of a commercial style, there are likely lots of different products and fixtures that you've added to this space. A pot filler faucet will further help to augment the kitchen's commercial vibe, which you may find appealing. Shop for a pot filler faucet at a store that specializes in home plumbing fixtures.