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A Quick Guide To Your First Shipment Of Shungite Stones

Thanks to modern websites and international shipping options, stone and crystal collectors now have the opportunity to order products that would have normally been a challenge to receive.

While you may find excitement when you receive a package of stones, you should not just tear the package open and dig right in. When you receive your first shipment of elite shungite stones, you should take precautions to ensure you treat the stones properly and prepare them for use.

Follow this quick guide so you know exactly what to do when you receive your stone order.

Opening The Package

When you open your package, you want to avoid using sharp objects like scissors and knives. The sharp ends could accidentally scratch or tarnish the rock. Try to peel the tape off the package or gently use a metal nail file to cut the edges of the tape rather than right down the center of the box.

Pulling Out the Stones

The stones will most likely come individually wrapped in paper or bubble wrap. Unwrap the stones one at a time and do a physical examination of each stone. Lay out a paper towel or dish rag to give the rocks a soft surface to sit on.

Sometimes, shungite will have sharp edges that could scratch surfaces like wooden tables or kitchen counters. The extra protection will help prevent any major damage.

Cleaning The Stones

If you want to use the stones for water purifying, then you need to clean the stones first. Ideally, you want to clean the stones in fresh tap water. When you first rinse the stones off in the water, you may notice the runoff water has a dark tint to it. The dark tint is just the residue on the surface of the stone.

Continue to rinse the stone off until the water runs clear. You do not need to use any soap or cleaning products on the stone. You simply want to rinse the stone off. If you notice any limestone growth on the outer surface, the growth is normal. Use a plastic cleaning brush or an extra toothbrush to gently scrape away at the limestone.

Once scraped away, rinse all the residue off. Let the stones air dry and then they are ready for display or use in the home.

After your first couple of shungite orders, you will get used to the unpacking and know how to prepare your shungite stones for whatever uses you choose. 

For more information about elite shungite, contact a local seller.