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Tips For Buying Candy For A Road Trip

If your family has a summer road trip planned, there are lots of fun things to do before you hit the road. One thing to add to your pre-trip checklist is to buy snacks that your family can enjoy along the route. Sweet treats are always welcome on family trips, so you'll want to look for a candy shop in your area and plan a visit. While you might decide to have each member of your family select their favorite candy for the upcoming trip, there are a handful of tips to keep in mind.

Here are three tips for buying candy for a road trip.

Clean To Eat

When you evaluate certain types of candy in advance of your trip, think about products that are clean to eat. Not every type of sweet treat fits this criterion. Products that leave a residue on your fingers are best to buy to enjoy at home, rather than risk having your kids make a mess in the back seat. There are many different kinds of candy that don't leave a powdery or sticky residue on the fingers, and these are the best to take in the car with you.

Quiet To Open

It's also worthwhile to think about the noise that each type of candy produces when you open it. Some candy types are essentially silent to open, while others have wrappers that produce a noticeable crackling sound as you remove the wrapper. Quiet-to-open candy tends to be best on a family road trip. Your children will be able to open their candy without making sounds that distract you as you drive. When you wish to enjoy a treat while the rest of the family is dozing, you can open your candy without waking anyone.

Resistant To Heat

It's also worth thinking about how well certain types of candy resist the heat. This can vary from product to product. Chocolate products tend to melt in hot environments, while hard candies and certain gummies hold up well in warm spaces. This topic is important because you'll likely leave the candy in the car during your stops. If the conditions are hot, you don't want to return to the vehicle and find that the candy has melted and is no longer possible to eat. It's far better to choose candies that will maintain their shape and consistency even in a hot environment for a short period of time.

A candy shop salesperson can point out a few products that fit these criteria. Reach out to a candy shop gift store to learn more.