2 Not-So-Common Gift Ideas For The Budding Guitarist

If you need to consider a gift for that newbie guitar player in your life, consider something useful that won't be commonly thought of. Gadgets that are helpful for maximizing playing enjoyment are constantly being introduced on the market. While the basics, such as strings, picks, straps and cases, are all too common for gift-giving, you might want to consider other extras that your recipient may not have thought to buy yet. [Read More]

Five Great Gifts To Give The Coin Collector In Your Life When You Know Nothing About Coins Yourself

Do you have a coin collector in your life in spite of knowing nothing about coins yourself? Buying a gift for such a person can be challenging. You don't know what coins they already have or what a fair price to pay for certain coins is! Thankfully, there are several great gifts you can give to your favorite coin collector that they're sure to appreciate. Books About A Different Type of Coins [Read More]

Wind Chimes: The Alternative Gift For A Variety Of Occasions

Possibly the most common gift given for special occasions are flowers. If you would prefer to give a simple yet thoughtful gift that increases in sentimental value over time, then consider giving wind chimes. These versatile musical outdoor decorations emit a soothing melody that can enhance any memory-making occasion. Here are a few times when giving wind chimes may be a better option than flowers. Memorial Chimes for Funerals [Read More]

5 Common Stage Makeup Mistakes Made By Small Venue Dancers

There are many differences between stage makeup and everyday makeup. However, many performers do not perform on big stages where theatrical stage makeup is appropriate. If you are a dancer who performs in restaurants, a musician who performs in cafes, or an acrobat who performs in small clubs, you need to adjust your stage makeup appropriately. Make sure you do not make the following five mistakes when performing in a small venue. [Read More]